Sri Lanka surf trip | The essential packing list for the surf woman

Sri Lanka. The tear-drop shaped island located to the south of India offering great surf, uncrowded line ups and SUN...

Discover the Olas essential packing list for the surf woman...It wasn't a hard decision to make dreamy Sri Lanka the location of choice for the first Olas photoshoot. The slow pace of life teamed with the warmth of the friendly locals makes this place a surfer's dream. With tropical backdrops and glassy waves on offer, Olas are hoping to get some great snaps for the upcoming lookbook! But before hitting the beach, it is important to think about what to pack. Travelling with a surfboard demands some attention. 


1| Olas 'tropical prism' legging

Asides from doing great things for the environment, the Olas legging serves a multitude of purposes:

  • Sun protection. The Olas legging has UPF 50+ and is ideal if you are exposed to long periods of sunlight in the ocean.
  • Board rash prevention. Keep your pins free from chafing on your surfboard as you tear it up out there.
  • Reef protection. If you crash rapidly into some rocks not a lot can help you (!) but the Olas legging can safeguard you from minor scrapes, bumps and jellyfish stings. 
  • Dignity protection! The design is made to offer free movement where needed, while still offering a body-hugging fit. The waistband is supportive and will stay put so there is no danger of any flashing!
  • Versatile travel companion. If you're not wearing your Olas legging to the airport (you should be they are great for planes!), they will take up hardly any space in your bag. Where there is surf there is yoga and the Olas legging is perfect for stretching out before and after surfing. Or SUP, running, diving, sailing, cycling, dancing, climbing, layering and chilling. You can pretty much wear them to do anything!
  • You will look like a rad super hero surf chick. Although you will be concentrating on your next turn, there is always time to think about style in the line-up and the Olas 'tropical prism' legging is perfect for that dreamy tropical backdrop.

    2| SurfEars earplugs

    SurfEars is a revolutionary new product developed by a team of professional product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. SurfEars recognised that huge numbers of surfers and swimmers suffer from ear problems, like infections and worst still surfers ear so they set out to find a solution. The critical difference between SurfEars and other earplug products however is that they not only protect ears from water, cold air, bacteria and dirt, they also maximize sound and subsequent balance essential for most water and board sports.

    Many of the earplugs on the market today block out sound, therefore large numbers of surfers choose to go without plugs. SurfEars was designed to keep the water out and let the sound in, to enable surfers, swimmers and other water athletes to stay connected to the environment.


    3| Wave Tribe Organic Wax

    The more you can decrease your use of oil products, the better for all. Wave Tribe offer this awesome surfboard made from beeswax. Quality surf wax is hard to come by in Sri Lanka so it is best to stock up before you head out!


    4| Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle

    Olas is all about less plastic! Over 300 million tons of new plastic is used every year. Half of this is used only once for less than 12 minutes. 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year. You can read more about plastic pollution here. 

    For years, Klean Kanteen have put their heart and soul into creating healthy, sustainable alternatives to plastic. They are proud of their place in history as the maker of the first BPA-free metal bottle. Since then Klean Kanteen has been often imitated, but never duplicated.

    It is relatively safe drinking the tap water in Sri Lanka, so rather than contributing to single use plastic bottled water it is a great idea to have your own water bottle to hand. 

    Olas love the Klean Kanteen bottle because:

    • They are made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel
    • The unibody cap is stainless steel with sustainably harvested bamboo
    • The interior is 100% stainless steel
    • There is no paint or plastic
    • The logo is laser-etched so stays put

    5| Riemann P20 sunscreen

    Sri Lanka might be wonderfully tropical and beachy, but this also means it is hot hot hot! If you plan to be out surfing all day it is a good shout to invest in some of this bad boy sunscreen before you head out. You might not be able to find a water resistant product as good as this out there.

    P20 is designed to ensure that one application a day is sufficient, keeping the time spent applying and re-applying sun protection to an absolute minimum. It is proven to work for up to 10 hours due to a very stable formulation. 

    P20 is proven to remain effective in the water, even after frequent swimming. It is very water resistant and ranks in the highest class of Cosmetic Europe's water resistance classification system.

    6| Birkenstock Arizona sandal

    Out-of-ocean style might not be top of the packing list priority for a surf trip, but a girl has got to wear shoes at some point right!? What better choice then a pair of trusty Birkies? This style embellished with bad ass studs are super rad. Take them! Do it.


    7| Wave Tribe eco surfboard bag

    Whatever board you decide to take along from your quiver, ensure it is kept safe in transit in a well-padded travel board bag. Wave Tribe offer this rad board bag made from eco hemp and recycled plastic. Super padded and built to last! 

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