Peace and plastic pollution in The East | Surfing and yoga in Sri Lanka and India

Sri Lanka. An island full to the brim in culture, colour, love, fruit, palm trees...and plastic pollution. 

Pure paradise meets threats from the modern world. Plastic litters beautiful beaches like shells once did, it litters the streets like greenery once did. 

Plastic has crept into this wonderful island's everyday life. Sri Lankan's burn their general waste and unfortunately a lot of this waste is now plastic. As a result fumes of burning plastic pollutes the air. It is evident that plastic has sadly been subconsciously accommodated. This is nothing new but can we change it?

The more developed Western world can lead by example. We are ahead, we are more aware of the threat of plastic. We must pass this on wherever possible. This is a worldwide problem. A crisis. There are islands in The Maldives made entirely of plastic. There are huge whirlpools of plastic across the globe. We just have to take one look at the plastic debris our beaches to see what is going on in the ocean. Yes it would be rather hard to implement a recycling scheme into a third world country, but we can all do little things to influence a big movement. Simply collecting plastic off the beach and keeping it out of the ocean can make a difference. Countries that are unaware of the plastic threat might follow suit if they are shown the way. We can highlight the importance of recycling plastic wherever we go! 

Rant over! Now onto the good bits :)

Whilst surfing in Sri Lanka, it was rad to hang out with surfer babes Alexis and Jen for an Olas photoshoot. Alexis is a high vibin' cosmic chick and can be found teaching yoga at various surf spots around the world. Jen is a lovely mellow Cornish chick and happens to be the British Longboarding Champion - no biggy. Both ladies were in Sri Lanka feeding their surfing addiction and working at The Sunshine Stories teaching yoga and surfing - a mega lovely surf and yoga retreat based in Ahangama near favourite spot 'Sticks'. We took off on a road trip to Hirrikitya for a few days - it was pouring rain when we arrived but that didn't stop these surf hungry chicks jumping straight in the water on arrival! A smooth left hander, Hirrikitya is a longboarders dream framed by coconut palms, dramatic rocks and and happy vibes. A somewhat untouched bay of deep blue. It is definitely worth checking this spot out before it comes popular with crowds. There is plenty of hiking to do around the area and some great spots for practising yoga too. All the good things! What a location for an Olas photoshoot! Breathtaking.

Alexis wave gliding

Jen hanging five

It was also a treat to hang out with Nat Fox, a surf instructor and yoga teacher at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka. Nat lives and breathes surf/yoga and hosts her own retreat in Jersey called Drift. If you can't find her there you will find her on the slopes in France. We hung out at surf spot 'Coconuts' and got some great snaps of Nat practising yoga on the rocks. We also found a rad rock pool to splash around in! A magical spot.

Nat practising beachside yoga

Being so close to India, it would have been rude not to pop over! Whist in Kerala getting involved with all things yoga, we hung out with lovely Jessamin at Soul & Surf in Varkela. Jess is head yoga teacher at S&S Sri Lanka and enjoyed trying out some Olas leggings during her rooftop session (see image below). The S&S spot really is a treat and every last detail has been considered. With their own branded Ambassador car, unique art and perfect cafe menu, it is an all round surf love experience.

Jessamin trying out the Crystal Dream Olas leggings

It has been a true delight to hang out at lovely places with cool humans. Sri Lanka and India rock our surf yoga world!

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