Surfers not street children | Ntando | The Journey: Part 1

Surfers not street children transform lives through surfing and mentorship. It is a project that empowers ex street children as they move towards adulthood. The team of former street children, who are now top surfers, are not only committed to their own continued transformation and journey towards independence but are ambassadors and role models for other kids still on the streets as well as an advocacy voice on the phenomenon of street children.

This film shot by production house Ruwac gives insight into Nando Msibi's story. Ntando was orphaned as a young child and lived on the streets of Durban. He joined Tom hewer’s surfing prorgamme for street children in 2009 where he learnt to surf and was also able to turn his life around. He was elected to surf for South Africa at the ISA World Surfing Championships in Ecuador last year and has been selected again to represent South Africa in California this year.

This is truly inspiring stuff! Surfing really is the answer to all. X

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