Our oceans are dying | Get inspired by our favourite brands & people helping to protect our world’s ocean...

Olas is committed to producing clothing which protects our environment. We are always happy to find more inspiring people leading the way...

Olas is a brand inspired by the ocean and nature, we are committed to protecting our environment by using recycled materials to create our surf and yoga leggings.

The awareness of the plastic crisis is becoming more and more prominent; people are spreading the word and individuals are becoming more educated about how important it is to live sustainably.

Brands, ambassadors, charities, beach lovers and surfers are jumping on board in a bid to protect the World's Oceans, we think this is awesome!

We thought it would be great to make you aware of other brands and charities like Olas, who are raising awareness of the plastic crisis our oceans are facing...


Adidas x Parley | From sea to shoe

Adidas is getting serious about its sustainability initiatives and showing that going green doesn't have to make customers blue. Adidas are turning ocean plastic waste into thread that is woven into running shoes!


With new ocean-inspired coloring, Adidas is releasing "Parley" versions of its most popular Boost running shoes: the Ultraboost, Ultraboost X, and Ultraboost Uncaged.

Parley is Adidas' partner in the Parley A.I.R Strategy, which turns ocean plastic waste into thread that is woven into running shoes.

“Each shoe uses an average of 11 plastic bottles per pair and incorporates recycled plastic into the shoe's laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers.”

Adidas previously released an ocean plastic waste sneaker, but it was a limited release and more of a proof of concept.

These new Boost sneakers are a step forward as Adidas seeks to use more sustainable materials moving forward in its regular offerings.

Adidas reiterated its commitment to green materials in its recently released sustainability report, which highlighted that the company is on track to use 100% sustainable cotton by next year. It also said that it saved 70 million plastic shopping bags by switching to paper bags in its stores, and it detailed a commitment to make the new Adidas MLS uniforms with Parley recycled plastic.

Keep up the good work Adidas x Parley!



Ecover | Ocean Bottle

Ecover Ocean bottle is the first bottle manufactured out of recycled plastic to include 10% ocean plastic waste!

The Ecover Ocean bottle is an excellent, sustainable product that deals with the problem of plastic waste in the ocean and brings the topics of recycling and sustainability to a higher level; an exemplary solution.

The form of the bottle is the result of rigorously applying the skeleton design principles of microorganisms in nature.

With the help of bionics, this design was able to reduce the material usage by 20% in comparison to conventional plastic bottles – with the same level of stability and functionality.

Awesome stuff Ecover!


Surfers Against Sewage | Environmental charity tackling plastic pollution

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is calling on the public to resist single-use plastics such as throw-away water bottles as new findings show a growing lack of knowledge about the issue of the damage plastic waste can cause.

The St Agnes-based environmental charity which works towards protecting the UK's oceans and beaches looked at the plastic consumption habits of more than 2,000 people across the UK and showed that, remarkably, one in four (24%) remain unaware that not all plastics are recyclable.

The shocking findings come as the average person throwing away 23kg of single-use plastic every year; equivalent to the weight of 1,212 500ml plastic Coca Cola bottles, 4,600 plastic forks or a seven-year-old child.

Now the organisation is calling on the public to join its Wasteland campaign and do their bit against plastic by joining the resistance and saying 'no' to plastic and highlighting a giant island of rubbish floating in the ocean.

"Our Wasteland Warship is designed to highlight this, helping to spread the message about what is one of the greatest environmental threats of our time." Says SAS's CEO Hugo Tagholm...

SAS said single-use plastics, which are designed to be used only once then thrown away, are playing a detrimental role in the conservation of coastlines and marine ecosystems.

According to a recent study by the UN, plastics contribute an estimated 60% to 80% of all marine litter, causing devastation for marine habitats.

Those interested in joining the resistance against Wasteland to reduce their plastic footprint and help create plastic free coastlines can find out more information here: www.plasticfree.org.uk

SAS are so inspirational and are raising a monumental amount of awareness to the threat our oceans are under from plastic. So amazing!


Cal Major | Paddle Against Plastic

Full time babe and friend of Olas, Cal Major is putting an enormous amount of effort in to raise awareness of the plastic crisis our oceans are up against.

Paddle Against Plastic is a platform for highlighting the issues of marine plastic, but more importantly proposing simple solutions; through Stand Up Paddle Boarding, adventure, and reconnecting with the environment. Cal is an SAS ambassador and all round great human.

In 2016, Cal Major and Jack Stevenson went on a mission to raise awareness. They decided to stand up paddle board the entire Cornish coast and beyond, as far as North Devon!

This epic adventure was a vehicle to encourage refilling water bottles, and ditching single use plastic bottles for good.

“Single use plastic water bottles are one of the biggest polluters of our oceans, with over 38.5million used daily in the UK alone, and less than half of these being recycled.”

Right now, July 2017, Cal is circumnavigating the Isle of Skye. The 400 miles of coastline is stunning, rugged, exposed, and untouched. However, it is no less vulnerable to the harmful effects of marine litter. Cal will be highlighting the plastic found at sea, and connecting it to that used on land.

80% of marine litter originates from land based sources, so the less used on land, the less ends up in our oceans.

Follow the expedition on Twitter: @paddlevsplastic

Facebook: Paddle Against Plastic UK

Instagram: @paddleagainstplastic

You go girl!

Let us all continue to do all we can to raise the awareness of plastic pollution. Together we can help save our beautiful oceans. xx



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